28 best Oscars 2024 beauty looks that made our jaws drop


The 96th Academy Awards was held on March 10, 2024, honoring the outstanding achievements in film from 2023. While the night was all about celebrating the best of the best in the industry, it also brought some of the most stunning beauty looks to the red carpet. From bold lip colors to elegant updos, here are some of the standout beauty looks from the Oscars 2024 that made our jaws drop.

  1. Bold Lip Colors: Several actresses chose to make a statement with bold lip colors, such as redburgundy, and pink. These shades popped against their neutral or black gowns, adding a touch of drama to their looks.
  2. Elegant Updos: Updos were a popular choice among the stars, with many opting for sleek and chic styles. These looks were elegant and timeless, complementing the actresses’ gowns and adding a touch of glamour to their overall aesthetic.
  3. Glowing Skin: A few actresses sported a fresh and glowing complexion, with a natural and effortless look. This trend emphasized a healthy and radiant complexion, giving the stars a youthful and vibrant appearance.
  4. Classic Makeup: Some actresses chose to embrace classic makeup looks, with winged eyeliner and neutral lip colors. These looks were elegant and sophisticated, enhancing the actresses’ natural beauty.
  5. Statement Eyeshadows: A handful of stars took risks with bold and creative eyeshadow looks, incorporating colors like bluepurple, and green. These eyeshadow looks added a pop of color to their otherwise neutral or minimalist makeup.
  6. Accessorized Hair: Many actresses accessorized their hair with hairpins, crystals, and other embellishments. These details added a touch of sparkle and elegance to their overall look, making them stand out on the red carpet.
  7. Bold Brows: Bold and defined eyebrows were a prominent beauty trend at the Oscars. Whether they were natural or filled in, well-shaped eyebrows added drama and intensity to the faces of many actresses.
  8. Subtle HighlightsSubtle highlights were another popular choice, adding dimension and depth to the hair. These highlights were enhancing natural tones, giving the hair a sun-kissed and effortless look.
  9. ** dewy skin **: dewy skin was a big trend, giving the skin a hydrated and fresh look. Many actresses chose a sheer or light foundation to achieve this effect.
  10. Natural Makeup: Natural makeup was also a popular choice, with many actresses opting for a fresh faced and minimal look. This trend emphasized their natural beauty and let their features shine through.

In conclusion, the Oscars 2024 was a night to remember, not just for the outstanding films but also for the stunning beauty looks. These actresses prove that when it comes to red carpet style, the sky’s the limit.


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