Black women are fed up with Instagram hairstylists


For many Black women, Instagram has become a hub for inspiration when it comes to hair. From tutorials on how to achieve the perfect twist-out to reviews of the latest hair products, Instagram hairstylists have taken the beauty world by storm.

But despite the wealth of information available on Instagram, many Black women are feeling frustrated and uninspired by the hairstyles they see. Why? Because Instagram hairstylists often prioritize trends over individuality, creating a homogenous look that doesn’t celebrate the unique beauty of Black hair.

Take, for example, the popular “box braids” trend. While box braids can be a cute and stylish look, they’ve also become so ubiquitous on Instagram that they’ve lost their edge. Instead of celebrating the creativity and versatility of Black hair, Instagram hairstylists have turned box braids into a one-size-fits-all style that doesn’t do justice to the individuality of each person’s hair.

And it’s not just box braids. From Fulani braids to crochet braids, many of the most popular hairstyles on Instagram have become so ubiquitous that they’ve lost their charm. Instead of inspiring creativity and self-expression, these trends have made many Black women feel like they have to conform to a certain look in order to be stylish.

So what’s the solution? For many Black women, the answer is to seek out hairstylists who prioritize individuality and creativity over trends. These hairstylists understand that Black hair is diverse and beautiful, and they’re able to create styles that celebrate the unique texture and shape of each person’s hair.

In conclusion, while Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for hairstyles, it’s important to remember that not all Instagram hairstylists are created equal. By seeking out hairstylists who prioritize individuality and creativity, Black women can find styles that celebrate their unique beauty and help them feel confident and empowered.


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